How to Find a Used Lincoln MKX in Chicago, IL

Used Lincoln MKX in Chicago IL

Getting your hands on a used Lincoln MKX in Chicago, IL seems like an exciting prospect. In fact, even newer models are reasonably accessible, and depending on the level of trim an affordable used luxury model isn't out of the question.


For our example, we'll be using a used 2016 Lincoln MKX. Because Lincoln has done an excellent job over the years updating and enhancing each release, it'll provide a useful comparison to older models as well. So if you're looking for a used Lincoln MKX in your area, this will be a great resource.


Reliable Performance Ability


Let's talk about performance parts first. High quality options exist, especially for SUVs like a used Lincoln MKX in Chicago, however the mainstay is quite exceptional as well.


For starters, you're looking at a 2.7L twin turbocharged V6 engine. It delivers 367 horsepower, which is impressive considering you're dealing with 32 more than the standard V6. 492 pounds per foot of torque is an amazing amount of pull, being 102 greater than the standard engine, as well.

used 2013 Lincoln MKX

Front wheel drive is offered for the standard engine. You can also get AWD with an EcoBoost V6 with additional power, so accelerating and staying on the road is a lot easier.


Speaking of economic technology, let's discuss fuel consumption. Estimated EPA ratings show that a used Lincoln MKX in Chicago should get a combined 19 MPG, which is considerable since it's a mid-sized SUV. Because of EcoBoost technology, there isn't much of a performance, but a huge savings in gas price, as an optional feature.


Interior and Exterior Appearance


Lincoln proudly boasts the difference in style between a used Lincoln MKX in Chicago, and their close competitors. Since quality and class are always prevalent with Lincoln, this says a lot. Let's look a little closer.


Begin with those iconic headlights. It's boldness, simplicity and art, without the patronizing fake chrome often found on other mid-sized SUVs. At the same time, you can get some flashy trims to complement its fine base appearance.


There is much to say of the interior. There are wooden panels found in areas like the door, and each material used is hand-picked for both quality and style. The doors also feature an optional audio speaker port made by Revel.

used 2013 Lincoln MKX near Chicago

There are gear selector buttons aligned vertically across the center panel, including automatic push-button transmission gear selectors, which is a very in demand technology recently.


In terms of comfort, leather seats are definitely not too much to ask for with a used Lincoln MKX in Chicago. You have access to 19 Revel speakers with the luxury package, and the climate package features trims like a heated steering wheel.


Accommodation and Safety Features


Cargo space is at a maximum. There's 37.2 cubic feet of storage capacity behind the back seat, which is more than can be said for most of its competition. It's about double what you'd receive with a BMX RX, with 18.4 cubic feet. A used Lincoln MKX in Chicago, IL will also have a multi-level storage console.


Safety is a top priority as well. To start, it's received a five star overall safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


In terms of advanced hardware, you have access to a 360 camera that sees all the way around the vehicle. A lane-keeping system is an optional feature that automatically steers out of the way of harm, with various levels of sensitivity.


An entire Driver Assistance Package is available, providing forward collision detection, for example. There's also a digital touchscreen to help you navigate through all of the entertainment and safety features.


Final Thoughts...


Having access to a modern luxury mid-sized SUV, like a used Lincoln MKX in Chicago, IL is no longer out of the question. With its reliable stable of basic features, you have less to worry about than ever, when choosing a used car.