The Cross That's Worth Carrying - Lincoln SUV Chicago, IL, The Cross Between Class And Power

Lincoln SUVGet up and get going in your new Lincoln SUV Chicago, IL, and enjoy the glorious and panoramic views of the Illinois River. The all new Lincoln SUV is more spacious, has better exteriors and great turbo acceleration. Luxury in everyday driving can be experienced in the Lincoln SUV in Chicago, IL. Why spend more when the comfort and nifty design of high end cars are available in your Lincoln SUV Chicago, IL.

Comfortable luxury

The leatherette upholstered seats, the ample leg room to squiggle your toes and stretch your tired limbs in the back seats on those long drives make every ride a pleasant one. No need to dread the cold winters because the heated front seats will keep you warm and your limbs supple to maneuver the SUV skillfully on snowy roads. The automatic climate control ensures that you always maintain an ambient temperature in the vehicle.

You have got the power

Driving the Lincoln SUV in Chicago, IL is quite smooth with the V-6 engine which provides enough power for the daily commute to navigate between city traffic. But for the freeway drive, opt for the turbocharged V-6 which will ease the merging and speeding on the highway. You have to remember that when talking about driving the Lincoln SUV in Chicago, IL we are essentially talking about a mid-range vehicle which is reliable, agile and stable without the extra frills of a Porsche or a BMW.

You are safely covered

Whether you are driving a German made luxury car, or a Japanese made luxury car, or the Lincoln SUV in Chicago, IL safety always takes precedence before anything else. And the Lincoln doesn't disappoint. The five-star overall rating has been given to the Lincoln SUV by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for its sterling performance in crash tests.

The 360 degree camera which eases parking in tight spots, the forward collision warning system which warns you to the objects in your path before you bump into them by automatically applying the brakes, and the standard rear parking sensors are anyway there to assist you.

Normal Infotainment

All models of the Lincoln SUV Chicago, IL come with the 8 inch touch screen, the ubiquitous Bluetooth and the USB ports. The touch screen isn't great but the voice control does the job, and as you drive the Lincoln SUV in Chicago, IL you can command your infotainment as you please! Your hand stays where they are meant to be - on the steering wall while you can talk and attend to all your texts.

Features that suffice

Even though the Lincoln SUV Chicago, IL is a mid-range SUV it has opulent interiors and elegant finish. You can further upgrade by adding Aluminum trims and leather upholstery. Once inside the vehicle, all the eternal noise is cancelled and a pleasant quiet is maintained within. Of course you can open the sunroof and let the bright sunlight illuminate the interiors.

The Lincoln SUV Chicago, IL is a spacious and comfortable five seater where the front seats can be power adjusted and the rear seats can be adjusted to recline. If you are keen, opt for the massage feature for the front seat.

A dual Zone climate control in the Lincoln SUV Chicago, IL ensures that peace is maintained at all times as the front and the back seats can regulate the temperature to suit their needs.

A wise decision

The Lincoln SUV Chicago, IL is a perfect blend of luxury, style and performance. Its low fuel economy and outdated infotainment should not deter you from overlooking its plush and spacious interiors. Driving the Lincoln SUV in Chicago, IL is definitely worth a try.