Struggling with Whether to Buy or Lease Your New Lincoln car or SUV? The Team at Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Lincoln Can Help

If you're an Arlington Heights, IL driver who has their eye on a new Lincoln car or SUV, you may have thought about how you were going to pay for it. We understand that very few customers are in the position to cut a check for a new vehicle, so financing has a role to play for most. The key is deciding which auto financing option to choose. Do you choose to buy or lease your new Lincoln vehicle? Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Lincoln, located at 1200 East Golf Road in Schaumburg, IL, is here with some crucial information that may assist many Elgin, IL drivers decide which choice is best for them.

What You Should Know About Leasing

Leasing is an auto financing option that gives Hoffman Estates, IL drivers the chance to drive a new Lincoln car or SUV for a set period of time and mileage limit. Many drivers enjoy the low monthly payment that goes along with the leasing option, while others really enjoy the fact that they can get behind the wheel of a new Lincoln vehicle every few years without needing to worry about negative equity. Drivers who enter a Lincoln lease tend to be folks who don't drive a lot of miles. Many tend to drive 15,000 miles or fewer. They also don't really tend to care about customizing or personalizing their vehicle all that much.

What You Should Know About Traditional Financing

While leasing may garner the attention of some Addison, IL drivers, there are many others who decide to stick with traditional financing. Some of the drivers who choose to go with an auto loan do so because they may not be able to stick within a mileage limit, or they may be rougher on their vehicles and don't want any potential issues with excess wear and tear. Other drivers enjoy the benefit of having equity in their vehicle once their auto loan is paid in full and of being able to make their Lincoln car or SUV their own.

Peruse the Lincoln Financing Specials

Drivers who have a hard time determining which option might be best for them could get a push in one direction or another by browsing our Lincoln financing specials. Contact the finance center at Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Lincoln, in Schaumburg, IL, or fill out our financing application, and find out which Lincoln financing promotions apply to you.

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