When you buy a luxury car or SUV from a brand like Lincoln, the performance and capability of the model probably had a great deal to do with that decision. Some Arlington Heights, IL drivers choose to go with a luxury car because they enjoy the premium performance they receive from these types of vehicles. If maintaining that performance is important to you, keeping with your recommended car services is the way to make that happen. The service center at Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Lincoln, located at 1200 East Golf Road in Schaumburg, IL, knows that money can sometimes be an object in making that happen. This is one of the reasons we offer the Rohr Rider Preferred Care program.

What is the Rohr Rider Preferred Care Program?

Are you an Elgin, IL driver who sometimes has a hard time fitting in their car maintenance into their monthly budget? Do you want to save on some of your basic car services? Given a choice, most of us would want some kind of discount or savings on anything in our lives. The Rohr Rider Preferred Care program allows Hoffman Estates, IL drivers to get many of their routine auto maintenance services at a discount. It is our way of rewarding you for being a loyal service customer. The good news is that the longer you are in this program, the more money you can save.

Why Should I Be a Part of the Rohr Rider Preferred Care Program?

There are many reasons that an Addison, IL driver would choose to be a part of the Rohr Rider Preferred Care program. First, you can get savings on all the kinds of services you need to maintain your vehicle. Oil changes, tire rotations, state inspections, wheel alignments, and coolant flushes are just some of the items that you can save money on. There is also the fact that when you make sure that you service your car correctly, it enhances its resale value down the road. When you choose from one of the many plans we offer, you lock in the price today and are not subject to any market changes or inflation that occurs.

Interested in Learning More?

The Rohr Rider Preferred Care program at Bob Rohrman Schaumburg Lincoln, in Schaumburg, IL, offers drivers to get their auto services done at a fixed cost, which will save them money in the long run. If you want to know more about the program, or want to enroll, contact a finance expert at our dealership today and find out how easy it is for you to take part.

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