How Does the 2017 Lincoln Navigator Chicago, IL Promote Luxury

2017 Lincoln Navigator in Chicago IL

In terms of the performance and fuel economy of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator in Chicago, IL, we could talk about the hybrid engines for days. They're constantly improving that technology to push the boundaries that we'd come to believe were set in stone.


However, there is still much to be said about its comfort, appearance and durability. Obviously, a luxury SUV is going to provide a tremendous amount of quality, and we're going to break that down for you here.


Versatile Engine Options


The 2017 Lincoln Navigator in Chicago has virtually two options. As you know, we've seen a 5.4L V8 engine in recent years, which provides an enormous amount of performance. As a standard feature, many drivers will absolutely love this.

Passenger side view of 2017 Navigator

Also, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator will provide a 3.5L EcoBoost V6. Now, as we've mentioned, these engines provide relatively high performance for an SUV, with 380 horsepower and 460 pounds per foot of torque. It's also been speculated that the 2017 Lincoln Navigator in Chicago, IL will be released with a 3.6L engine for greater performance.


The real advantage here is fuel economy. Not long ago, in previous model years of the Lincoln Navigator, it would be ridiculous to expect the amazing fuel efficiency of this SUV, with about 28 MPG in the city and 34 on the highways. This is really worth the money, in the long term.


Price and Safety


In terms of a release date, an exact time hasn't been set. However, you won't have to wait long in Europe or the United States, as it's slated for release during late fall in 2016 - just a few months down the road.


As for price, we're looking at about $64-80,000. That's quite an asking price, however as we know the quality is always there. This isn't exact, but the 2017 Lincoln Navigator in Chicago, IL should be somewhere reliably within that price range.


Let's talk about safety features. Recent advancements have been made, making advanced safety features not only more accessible and affordable than ever, but also mandatory for manufacturers releasing new models.


However, with an SUV there are obviously some differences that you wouldn't see with a sedan. Combine that with Lincoln's commitment to quality, and we're in good hands.


As you'd expect there's a forward collision warning system, as well as a lane departure warning system. The hand brakes have been given automation to work in compliance with these technologies to prevent accidents. You can also depend on advanced airbag systems for the entire cabin, with additional options for maximum security.

interior of 2017 Lincoln Navigator

Interior, Exterior and Overall Appearance


Because the 2017 Lincoln Navigator Chicago is larger than most of its competition, there's an excellent amount of storage space. A great complement to the more efficient engine.


There will definitely be multiple interior options. This will include not only your choice of leather seating or any other type of upholstery, custom panels and steering wheels, but also push button and remote engine starting, amazing audio equipment and more.


On the outside, we see some enhancements from previous models. Using modern hardware and technology, the front and rear bumpers, grille, headlights and wheelbases have all seen upgrades with their standard packaging.


The outside parts are mostly made of high quality metals, aluminum and a lot of carbon, so that overall durability is as reliable as possible, while also reducing weight. This will help you handle the Chicago, IL streets with ease.


Closing Thoughts


At this point, we know that the 2017 Lincoln Navigator in Chicago, IL has some clear cut advantages over even its most high class competition. Focusing on the fuel economy of EcoBoost engines, while also maintaining performance and storage space is really an excellent value.