Top 10 Reasons Why Acquiring the Lincoln Flagship Model is A Dream

Lincoln Continental 2017

Having made its debut in New York last spring, the 2017 Lincoln Continental Chicago, IL, earned the limelight based entirely on its looks, features, and specs. With this model, the designers intend to take your driving experience to the next level of luxuriousness. With never-seen-before standards of performance and make, this one is a redesigned or modified version of the previous models that haven't really had a chance to make a mark. With this model replacing the full-size MKS sedan, you can trust yourself to be thoroughly impressed with what has been done to it to ensure it lives up to its hype.

  1. In spite of not offering an autonomous driving capability, what is on offer is sure to blow your mind. Derived from the CD4 platform, the 2017 Lincoln Continental Chicago, IL, has an architecture that has been thoroughly redesigned to do away with the anonymity of the previous models.
  2. The designers have worked on the wheelbase, the front and the rear track to enlarge them. To enhance your rear-drive proportions, they have reconstructed the front structure so that you have a longer dash-to-axle ratio.
  3. The brand new 400 hp V6 engine ensures that it far exceeds your expectations regarding its performance on road.
  4. Not restricting its brilliance to performance alone, the 2017 Lincoln Continental Chicago, IL, has plush interiors that you cannot miss for anything in the world. A cabin that is designed with wood, metal and leather, surely keeps in mind the kind of luxury a user can expect from it.
  5. Extending its luxurious features to all the people seated in the car, the driver seat has been designed for ultimate comfort with an adjustment in 30 directions made possible, functions for optimal heating cooling and massage as well as more leg space for thigh extensions. It cannot get better than this.
  6. Steering has been worked upon for a sharper response and three driving modes have been offered to ensure that you can customize the steering and suspension settings as per your convenience. So you have Normal mode, sport Mode and Comfort Mode for better adjustment of damper firmness, steering and shift mapping.
  7. You are also spoilt for choice as far as the designer interior themes are concerned because the 2017 Lincoln Continental Chicago, IL offers 3 different variants you could pick from - the Chalet, Thoroughbred and Rhapsody.
  8. What's more, you are offered a panoramic sunroof that will almost be the same size as that of the entire roof area.
  9. Keeping essential safety features intact, the 2017 Lincoln Continental Chicago, IL offers an emergency braking system that is fully automated, pedestrian detection, cruise control, lane keep assist, collision warning and a parking camera that can give you a 360 degree view.
  10. The typical MKZ concept gets a facelift in the 2017 Lincoln Continental Chicago, IL with chrome beltline molding out to form handles instead of the conventional hand-pockets.

In the midst of competitive models like Audi A6, BMW 5 Series and Cadillac CTS, there is no doubt that the road to success for the 2017 Lincoln Continental Chicago, IL will be a task but with enviable features on offer and a makeover of sorts, there is no reason why you should not check this out. If you have been looking at Lincoln models with an idea of old school concepts and designs, don't forget to check out the remodeling and rehashing of features that the Lincoln Continental proudly sports. You will find 20 more reasons to add to the 10 mentioned above once you take a look at the 2017 Lincoln Continental Chicago, IL.